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Women on Boards CIC® is a social enterprise championing female entrepreneurs and gender equity to create an equal platform of innovation and influence to leadership and Board positions within SMEs and micro-businesses.


Our mission is to empower female entrepreneurs to secure leadership and board positions by providing comprehensive training, strategic partnerships, and a supportive community. 


We are committed to driving unparalleled innovation and influence through mentorship, advocacy, and impactful research.


We aim to shape policies that foster inclusivity and gender diversity by engaging with government and stakeholders and advocating for systemic change.

Our Founders

The founders of Women on Boards CIC® have a long-standing professional friendship, having been accountability partners in business for years. Their bond strengthened through mutual respect, support and shared goals, leading to both successfully selling and exiting their separate businesses last year.


Despite their different skill sets and unique entrepreneurial journeys, their shared ethos for empowering women in leadership has forged a partnership like no other and together they form a complete picture of impact, strength and collaborative working.


This blend of diverse expertise and a unified vision inspired them to launch Women on Boards CIC®, with the mission of supporting and empowering other women to achieve board positions and leadership roles.

Meet the Board

Women on Boards CIC® are incredibly proud to introduce their Board.

Our Advisory Board drives our organisational growth through clear goals, diverse expertise, and structured meetings, including effective governance, performance metrics, open communication, and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Key skills include industry knowledge, strategic thinking, financial acumen, leadership, networking, problem-solving, communication, innovation, risk management, and ethical judgment. These elements ensure the board offers invaluable guidance and support, aligning with WOBCIC's organisation's strategic vision.

Nurjahan Khatun
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