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We are thrilled to extend the invitation to you after the launch of Women on Boards CIC® at the House of Lords.


This landmark event marked the beginning of our journey towards transformative change for female entrepreneurship. 


As we embark on this journey, we seek to engage with visionary Support Partners, insightful Research Partners, and dynamic Think Tank Entrepreneurs.


Could this be you?



Be our cornerstone ally, providing essential resources, expertise, and networks to fuel our mission of empowering female entrepreneurs and championing gender equality.



Our Research Partner is a pivotal collaborator, bringing analytical precision and insights to underpin our strategies and impacts with evidence-based foundations, thereby shaping the future of gender diversity and opportunities for female entrepreneurs.




Our Think Tank Entrepreneurs are a pioneering force for female entrepreneurship. They expertly merge innovation with strategic insight to redefine the narrative around gender equality and female entrepreneurship.


Join us in shaping the future

Our inaugural Think Tank session will be held on;


6 June 2024


Barclays Canary Wharf. 


Your expertise and perspective are invaluable as we strive to empower entrepreneurial women and leaders. 


#jointheconversation by completing the form below highlighting one or more of the Partnerships you are interested in.

Both Sandra and Payal will be available to discuss the Partnership further.

Our Partnership Programme is now closed

Please join the waiting list below. 

I am interested in the following; (you may choose more than one option)

Thankyou for your interest in joining the wating list in becoming a Partner. We will be in contact very soon.

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